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Food Plymouth launched a new action plan at an event on 23 February 2012. The Sustainable Food City Plymouth Action plan, developed by the city-wide Food Plymouth partnership, aims to provide the framework and guidance to help healthy and sustainable food drive and support a thriving local economy.[1]

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Action Plan progress

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Plymouth gets gold at launch event

21 February 2012

Plymouth City Council’s catering service has achieved the prestigious Food for Life Gold catering mark for all of the city’s school meals [1]. Plymouth is the only local authority in-house caterer in England currently serving gold menus to all of its schools. In addition Plymouth University’s catering team will be awarded the Food for Life Bronze Catering Mark for 750 meals per day at two sites in the city. 120 attendees are expected, many of whom have already signed up to the Plymouth Food Charter.

The annoucement will be made at an event to mark the launch of Plymouth’s Sustainable Food City Action Plan on Thursday, 23 February. The Action Plan, to be unveiled by Food Plymouth [2], will provide the framework and guidance for healthy and sustainable food to drive and support a thriving local economy [3]. Attendees will include 20 local exhibitors, who will showcase exciting new developments around food in the city, including the announcement that

Vivien Pengelly, leader of Plymouth City Council, who will launch the plan said:
“’Plymouth City Council are very pleased to support this new Sustainable Food City Plymouth Action Plan. It is important as it lays out a clear framework to support a thriving local food economy, with far reaching social and environmental benefits. We are also very proud that the Council’s school catering services have now achieved Gold Food for Life Catering Mark standard. They are showing real leadership on these important issues by supporting; local producers and businesses, along with the health and well-being of our school children.”

Emma Noble, co-director of the Food for Life Partnership said:
“This fantastic achievement means that 8,000 young people in Plymouth are eating some of the best quality schools meals in the country and proves the Council’s commitment to tackling health inequalities and sustainability. There’s no reason other local authorities shouldn’t follow suit.” [4]

Jenny Bushrod, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Plymouth University said:
“We are delighted to support this important Action Plan launch, which through working together will support Plymouth to achieve all its sustainable food ambitions. The University identifies closely with each of these ambitions and will look to play its part in supporting and encouraging others to support this Action Plan.”

Commenting on their achievement, Brad Pearce, Education Catering Manager at Plymouth City Council said:
“We’re delighted that our commitment to serving fresh, local and organic food has been recognised by the gold Food for Life Catering Mark. As our meal numbers continue to increase we know that the use of fresh, local, seasonal and organic ingredients is making a real difference to our customers and the perception of the City’s school food service as high quality and incredibly good value. It’s fantastic to be recognised with this award but, more importantly, it’s great to know that we’re making a real difference and improving the health and education of the children and young people of Plymouth.”


For more information contact:
Traci Lewis, Food Plymouth Coordinator, 07870 26 8654,
Christine Williams, 0117 987 4575 or visit


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